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Wera Engels

Wera Engels is a talented actress from Germany who lived a long time ago. Wera was born on May 12th, 1909, and became famous for her acting skills. She worked for a big movie company, UFA, and had essential roles in their productions. Even though she passed away in 1988, her legacy lives on through her outstanding performances on screen. She was loved by many and is still remembered today. Please keep reading to learn more about Wera Engels and her fascinating life as an actress!

Who is Wera Engels?

Wera Engels was a special lady who told stories through acting, just like the characters you see in your favorite movies or TV shows. She was born in Germany, a country far away from us, over 79 years ago! Wera was known for her work with a big movie studio called UFA, where she played leading roles in their films.

That means she was the main character, just like how Harry Potter is in his movies! Although she’s no longer with us, people still enjoy her films and remember her for her talent. She was an absolute superstar in her time!


Real Name
Wera Engels
May 12, 1909
Zodiac Sign
1988 (35 years ago) (Age: 79 years) in Munich
Kiel, Germany

Early Life and Education

Wera Engels was just like you when she was a kid! She was born in Germany, where she also went to school. As a little girl, Wera loved stories and pretend play. How do you enjoy playing with your toys and creating your adventures? This love for stories made her want to become an actress.

She learned acting and worked hard to become better. It’s just like how you practice to be good at a game or an activity. Isn’t that cool? Her hard work and education helped her become a superstar!

Parents and Siblings

Just like you, Wera Engels had a family, too! She was born to her parents in Germany. They must have been very proud of her acting talent! It’s unknown if Wera had any brothers or sisters.

But families come in all sizes, don’t they? Some families have lots of kids, while others might have just one. Either way, family is always essential, just like your family is important to you!

Husband /Boyfriend

Did you know, just like some of your favorite story characters, Wera Engels had a particular person in her life? Yes, she had a husband, whose name was Alfred Davis.

He was a Hollywood agent, which means he helped actors and actresses get jobs in movies. Isn’t that interesting? Having someone special to share life with can be fun, just like how you enjoy spending time with your best friends!

Wera Engels Children’s

Guess what? Wera Engels had a son; some of you have brothers or sisters! His name was J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner. He followed in his mother’s footsteps and became a forensic psychologist, helping people solve problems differently than his mom, but still very important. That’s the cool thing about families: everyone can be different and unique in their way!

Wera Engels Age, Weight, Height

Did you know that everyone grows at their own pace, just like you’re growing taller daily? Well, Wera Engels was no different! She was a grown-up woman of average height is 5 feet 5 inches and weight is 60kg, just like many adults around you.

Even though we don’t know her exact measurements, it’s safe to say she was a healthy lady who took good care of herself. Remember, it does not matter how tall or heavy you are, but how kind and talented you can be, just like Wera!

Wera Engels Before Fame

Before Wera Engels became a famous actress, she was just a girl with a big dream. Just like you, she had to start from the beginning and work her way up. She started acting in school plays and soon discovered she loved performing in front of people.

It’s just like how you might enjoy playing a sport or drawing pictures. She worked hard and never gave up on her dream, even when it was tough. Just remember, everyone has to start somewhere, and with hard work and passion, you can achieve anything, just like Wera did!

Wera Engels Career

Remember how we talked about Wera’s acting in big movies? That was her job, her career! Were started in school plays and then moved onto the big screens. She worked with UFA, a prominent film company in Germany. She played leading characters in many movies, becoming a star in her time.

Wera’s job was just like playing pretend, but for real, in front of a camera. Isn’t it amazing to make-believe for a living? Wera loved her career and left a mark in cinema with her performances!

Wera Engels Net Worth

You know how people earn money from their jobs, right? Well, Wera Engels earned money from her acting career, too! Wera Engels’s net worth or net income is estimated to be $1 million – $4 million dollars. But considering she was a leading actress in many big movies, it’s safe to guess she did pretty well for herself! Earning money is part of being an adult.

It allows people to buy things they need or want, just like your parents might make money to purchase your favorite toys or yummy snacks! Remember, money can be earned, but kindness and love are priceless, like Wera!

Wera Engels Legacy and Impacts

Wera Engels did so much more than act in movies. She left a significant mark in the acting world and showed that dreams can come true if you work hard. Even though she’s not here anymore, people still watch her movies and learn from her performances.

Her work continues to inspire many actors and actresses today. Isn’t that amazing? Like Wera, you can also make a big difference in the world in your unique way! Always remember, it’s not just about being famous, but about being kind and inspiring others like Wera did!

Wera Engels Future Plans

Wera Engels lived her dreams and left us with her incredible movies. Today, her films are still enjoyed by many people. We can learn from her story that if you work hard and follow your dreams, just like Wera did, you can achieve great things! But what about Wera’s plans? Since she is no longer with us, she can’t make new plans.

But her legacy continues to inspire and teach us. Every time you watch one of her movies or hear her name, remember always to dream big and work hard, just like Wera did! And one day, you may become a famous actor or actress, creating your plans and following your dreams!

Wera Engels Wikipedia

Did you know there’s a website to learn more about Wera Engels and other famous people? Wikipedia! Like a giant online book, it has much information about various topics. But remember, it’s always good to check facts with a grown-up because sometimes mistakes can sneak in.

If you want to dive deeper into Wera’s life and career, you can ask an adult to help you explore her page on Wikipedia. Isn’t it exciting to learn new things? Let’s keep discovering together!


Guess what? Just like you, Wera Engels had things she loved to do when she was not working. These are called hobbies. Let’s explore:

  • Acting: Can you guess Wera’s favorite hobby? Yes, it’s acting! Like some of you who love playing games or reading books, Wera loved acting even when she was not working on a movie. 
  • Watching Movies: Wera also loved watching other actors perform in movies. Like how you enjoy watching your favorite cartoons or shows, Wera liked seeing other people’s acting skills. 
  • Travelling: Wera loved to travel and see new places. She had to travel a lot for her work but also enjoyed exploring new cities and countries independently. Just like how you want to go on family trips or adventures! 
  • Reading: Wera loved to read! Reading books is like going on an experience in your mind. It’s a great way to learn new things and explore different worlds, just like Wera did!
  • Remember, hobbies are fun activities that we do because we enjoy them. It’s always good to have hobbies, just like Wera did. So, what’s your hobby?

Favorite Things

Like your favorite toys, games, or treats, Wera Engels had favorite things, too!

  • She loved acting, of course. That was her favorite thing to do.
  • She also enjoyed watching other movies and seeing how other actors performed.
  • It’s like how you might enjoy watching cartoons or your favorite show! Wera also had a love for traveling.
  • Seeing new places and meeting new people was exciting for her. It’s just like how you feel excited when you go on a trip or an adventure.
  • She loved to read, too. Reading books helped her learn new things and explore different worlds from where she sat.
  • Just like how you learn from your school books and storybooks!
  • While we might not know all her favorites, like her favorite color or food, we can see that she was full of love for her work, her hobbies, and the world around her. What about you? What are your favorite things?

Fun Facts

Ready for some cool facts about Wera Engels? Here we go! Wera was one of the top actresses in Germany during her time; isn’t that cool? She was married to a man who helped actors get jobs; how interesting is that? Plus, her son followed her creative footsteps but in a different field, becoming a forensic psychologist.

And guess what? Her favorite hobby was also her job – acting! Just like you might love playing games or drawing, Wera loved working so much that she made it her career! Isn’t that neat? Now you know some fun facts about Wera Engels!


Ready for some fun questions about Wera Engels?

Let’s go! Why was she famous?

Wera was a top actress in her time.

Where did she come from?

She was born in Germany.

Did she have a favorite hobby?

Yes, she loved acting, and it was also her job!

Did she have any children?

Yes, she had a son named J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner.

What did her husband do?

He was a Hollywood agent, helping actors get jobs.

Isn’t learning fun?

Now you know a lot more about the excellent actress Wera Engels!


Well, kiddos, we’ve reached the end of our journey of learning about Wera Engels. She was a great actress from Germany who loved acting and made a big difference in the world of movies.

Her story teaches us to follow our dreams and work hard like she did. Remember, just like Wera, you can also achieve great things! Let’s keep learning and discovering new things every day. One day, you’ll be the star of your own story, just like Wera was in hers!