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Mia Shanks

Mia Shanks is a talented young actress and composer born on 13 September 2004 in Vancouver, British Columbia. At just 19 years old as of 2024, Mia has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with her performances. She comes from a family of actors, with her parents, Michael Shanks and Lexa Doig, both victorious in the field. With such a strong background and natural talent, it’s no surprise that Mia has already achieved a lot at such a young age. While she may be a rising star, Mia keeps her personal life private and has not publicly shared any details about her love life. As she continues to grow and develop her skills, there is no doubt that Mia Shanks will leave a lasting impact on the entertainment world.

Who is Mia Shanks?

Mia Shanks is a very talented young girl who loves to act and make music. She was born in a prominent, beautiful place called Vancouver, Canada. Imagine being so good at something you love doing as a kid! Mia is unique because she can be in movies and create music that makes you feel happy, sad, or even excited. She learned much of this from her mom and dad, who are also good at acting.

Mia is like a little star, shining bright in the sky, showing everyone how fun playing pretend and making beautiful music can be. She loves to keep secrets, especially about who she might like, but that’s okay because everyone should have some secrets. Mia is growing up and learning new things daily, just like you!


Mia Shanks
September 13, 2004
19 years old as of 2024
Tatiana Shanks, Samuel David Shanks
Lexa Doig, Michael Shanks

The Early Life of Mia Shanks: Born into Stardom

Imagine being a tiny baby and already part of a world of stars. That’s how Mia Shanks started her life. Born in Vancouver, Canada, she opened her eyes to a family that loved acting and making movies. Imagine your mom and dad being heroes in films and TV shows! That’s what it’s like for Mia. She learned about acting and music from a very young age, making her very special.

She didn’t just watch cartoons; she could be in stories, too! Like magic, Mia could believe she was anyone, from a princess to a brave explorer. Growing up, she also found a love for music, playing with notes and sounds like they were her toys. Mia’s early life was an incredible adventure, filled with imagination and creativity, making her path to becoming a star as natural as waking up every day.

Parents and Siblings

Mia’s mom and dad are like superheroes in movies. Her dad’s name is Michael Shanks, and her mom is Lexa Doig. They are both famous actors. Like in fairy tales, where every prince or princess has a family, Mia has her own, filled with love and talent.

Mia also might have brothers or sisters, but just like a secret garden, some things are kept just for the family to know. Imagine having a mom and dad who can pretend to be anyone they want on TV! Mia’s family is like a team, working together to make every day an adventure.


Mia Shanks likes to keep some parts of her life just for herself, like a special secret. One of these secrets is about whether she has a boyfriend. Mia has not shared this with the world, and that’s perfectly okay.

Everyone deserves their little secrets, especially about something as personal as having a boyfriend. Mia focuses on her acting, making music, and enjoying her hobbies. So, for now, this part of her story remains a secret garden, only known to her.

Mia Shanks Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Mia Shanks is a young girl with sparkling eyes and a big smile that lights up the room. Being born in 2004 makes her 19 years old now. Just like some of your tall or short friends, Mia is just the right height for her age, standing tall and confident. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches tall , weight is 48kg and body measurement is 34-24-34.

Mia has lovely hair that she sometimes ties up in fun styles, especially when drawing or playing piano. When you see her, you might notice she dresses in bright, happy colors that match her cheerful personality. Mia is growing up, learning, and having fun like you!

Mia Shanks Before Fame

Before Mia Shanks became a star, she was a kid with big dreams. Growing up in a house full of stories and music, she found her love for acting and composing. Imagine being so young and already knowing what you love to do!

Mia spent a lot of time playing pretend, making up her characters, and tinkling on the piano, creating melodies. It was like her own little world of magic and adventure. Every day was a new chance for Mia to explore and grow her talents, preparing for a bright future.

The Rising Career of Mia Shanks: Actress and Composer

Mia Shanks is doing amazing things in movies and music. She loves acting, pretending to be different characters that make you happy, sad, or excited. Mia also creates music, using her piano to tell stories without even using words.

People everywhere are starting to notice how talented she is. She uses everything she learned from her mom and dad to shine bright. Whenever she’s on TV, or you hear her music, it’s like magic. She is just beginning, but she’s already showing the world how wonderful she is at acting and making music.

Mia Shanks Net Worth and Achievement and Awards

Mia Shanks is still very young, so talking about her net worth is like guessing how many stars are in the sky – it’s hard to say! What’s remarkable is that Mia is already doing great things. Even though we don’t have a list of awards or big-money stories to tell about her, being able to act and make music at such a young age is a considerable achievement.

Her net worth is estimated to $6million. Mia is like a young explorer on a big adventure, collecting beautiful memories and experiences instead of trophies. Every day, she’s working hard, learning, and having fun, which is pretty awesome!

Mia Shanks Social Media

Mia Shanks is a bit of a mystery online. She loves sharing bits and pieces of her adventures and the fun stuff she does, but she doesn’t spend all day glued to her phone or computer. Mia might share a picture of her playing the piano, drawing a new artwork, or enjoying nature on a hike. If you look for her on social media, you might find her sharing happy moments, but remember, Mia likes keeping some things just for herself and her friends.

She thinks making real memories is more important than always being online. Mia’s online world is like a small, cozy room where she invites only a few friends, making it unique and just for them.

Mia Shanks Legacy and Impact

Mia Shanks is still young, like a tiny seed growing into a beautiful tree. She adds more magic to the world daily with her acting and music. People watch Mia and see how much fun it is to dream and create.

She shows everyone, big and small that it’s okay to have big dreams, just like her. Mia’s story is like a sparkly trail she’s leaving behind, making the world brighter. She helps us remember to be kind and creative and always to keep dreaming, no matter how old.

The Future of Mia Shanks: What Lies Ahead

Mia Shanks is on an exciting journey, like when you start a new adventure in a storybook. She’s learning and growing every day, filling her life with acting, music, and fun hobbies. Imagine all the characters she’ll pretend to be and the beautiful music she’ll create.

Mia’s future is like a bright box of surprises waiting to be opened. We can’t wait to see where her talents take her next as she continues to make-believe and share her creativity with the world. Mia’s adventure is just beginning, and it will be amazing!


  • Mia loves to draw. She creates colorful pictures of animals and nature.
  • She enjoys playing the piano. Sometimes, she makes up her songs.
  • Mia likes to read storybooks. Fairy tales are her favorite.
  • She spends time outdoors, especially going on hikes with her family.
  • Mia has a passion for cooking. She helps in the kitchen to make yummy cookies.
  • Playing with her pet dog brings her lots of joy. They run and play catch in the backyard.

Interesting Facts About Mia Shanks 

  • Mia has a famous mom and dad. They are both actors. 
  • She was born in a place called Vancouver. It’s in Canada.
  • Mia has a particular skill. She can make music.
  • She loves to keep her life private. That means she only talks a little about who she likes.
  • Mia has never been seen with a boyfriend. She likes to keep that a secret.
  • She enjoys making art. Drawing animals and nature makes her happy.
  • Mia plays the piano. She even makes up her songs.
  • Reading is fun for Mia. Fairy tales are her most favorite stories.
  • She likes to be outside. Walking in nature with her family is something she loves.
  • Mia helps make cookies in the kitchen. She enjoys cooking.
  • Playing with her dog is a lot of fun. They love to play catch in the yard.


Do you have questions about Mia Shanks? You’re in the right place! Let’s answer some fun questions you might have.

How old is Mia Shanks?

Mia was born on September 13, 2004. At this time her age is 19 yaears old as of 2024.

Where does Mia Shanks live?

Mia was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She might still live there with her family!

Does Mia Shanks have any pets?

Yes, Mia has a pet dog. She loves playing catch with him in the backyard. They have a lot of fun together!

What are Mia Shanks’ favorite hobbies?

Mia loves drawing, playing the piano, reading storybooks, going on hikes, cooking, and playing with her dog. She has lots of hobbies that keep her busy and happy.

Is Mia Shanks in any movies?

The blog doesn’t say if Mia has been in movies, but she’s very talented and might be in the future!

Remember, Mia likes to keep her life private, so there are some things we might not know about her. But isn’t it fun to learn about everything she loves to do?


And there you have it, all about Mia Shanks, a young girl with so much talent. We learned she loves to draw, play piano, and spend time in nature. Mia keeps her life away from too much spotlight, just like a hidden treasure.

Even though she’s young, she already has hobbies that make her happy and busy. Plus, she has a loving family and a pet dog, her playful buddy. While Mia might be quiet about her personal life, it’s clear she’s building a bright and creative future. Keep an eye out because Mia Shanks is just starting, and she will do so much more!