Nyx Baltimore Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki.

Nyx Baltimore

Nyx Baltimore is an amazing woman with a unique name, isn’t she? Nyx is a 27-year-old model and adult entertainer from Baltimore, Maryland. She is also known as Nyx Monroe in the adult industry. She may be young, but she has accomplished much in her career. Standing 5 feet tall and weighing 114 pounds, Nyx has an average body type with stunning measurements of 32F-28-38.

Who is Nyx Baltimore?

Nyx Baltimore, also known as Nyx Monroe, is like a superstar actress in movies for grown-ups! She also models, posing for photos in pretty clothes and costumes. Imagine dressing up like a princess or a superhero for work; that sounds fun, right? 

Besides that, she’s also a camgirl, like being a video jockey on TV but on the internet. Nyx was born in the city of Baltimore, just like where our superhero Batman comes from! Can you imagine that? A real-life superwoman from Batman’s city!


Nyx Baltimore
United States
Date of Birth
1st March, 1996
27 years old as of 2024

Nyx Baltimore – The Early Life and Education

Nyx Baltimore was born on March 1, 1996, in Baltimore, Maryland, just like Batman was born in Gotham City. She was just like any other child, full of curiosity and dreams. Growing up, she went to school and learned many things. 

Reading, writing, math, and even art! Just like how you go to school and learn new things every day. Her school days helped her become the talented person she is today. Like how caterpillars grow into beautiful butterflies, Nyx became a bright star!

Nyx Baltimore Parents and Siblings

Like you have a mom and dad, Nyx Baltimore has parents, too! But she likes to keep things about them a secret, like a superhero’s secret identity. It’s her personal choice, and we must respect it.

 As for brothers and sisters, we don’t know if she has any. It’s a mystery, like how we don’t know what’s at the end of a rainbow. She’s chosen to keep this part of her life private. So, until she decides to share, we’ll just have to wonder.

Nyx Baltimore Husband and Boyfriend

Nyx Baltimore is pretty secretive about her love life. She has not shared whether she has a boyfriend or a husband. Like some superheroes keep their identities secret, Nyx keeps her love life private. 

It’s her personal choice, and we must respect that. Maybe one day, she will share this part of her life with us, but it remains her little secret. You might have a secret hideout or a special toy you only know about!

Nyx Baltimore Children

Right now, Nyx Baltimore doesn’t have any children. Like some adults choose to have pets instead of kids, Nyx has chosen to focus on her career. Remember, everyone has different choices and paths in life. 

Maybe Nyx might decide to have kids in the future, but for now, she’s concentrating on being the best she can be in her work. So, while she may not be a mom, she’s still a superstar in her own right!

Nyx Baltimore Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Nyx Baltimore is like a tiny powerhouse. She may be small, standing only 5 feet tall, but she’s mighty! Imagine her being just a little taller than your average bicycle. She weighs about 114 pounds, similar to the weight of a big dog, like a Golden Retriever! 

Nyx has a regular body shape, with dimensions measuring 32F-28-38. Don’t worry if you don’t understand these numbers; they’re like the secret codes tailors use to make her clothes fit perfectly! Isn’t it fascinating how our bodies are all different, just like Nyx’s?

Nyx Baltimore – The Journey Into the Adult Entertainment Industry

Just like superheroes decide to use their powers, Nyx Baltimore chose to become a movie star in a special movie for grown-ups only. It was a big choice! But she was brave and followed her heart. 

Also, She started as a model and then became an actress. She was good at it, and people liked her work. They could see that she was different and special. Her journey shows that choosing your path is okay, even if it’s different!

Nyx Baltimore Influence and Popularity in the Industry

Nyx Baltimore is like a shining star in her industry. Even though she is tiny, she shines bright, and many people like her work. 

Also, She shows us that being different and following your dreams is okay. Because of her, many others also want to be stars. Isn’t it amazing how one small person can make such a big difference?

Nyx Baltimore Estimated Net Worth

Guess what? Nyx Baltimore has earned a lot of money with her work. It’s like having a mountain of ice cream! But we don’t know the exact number. 

Also, Some people think she might have about $500,000. That’s like buying 250,000 comic books! But remember, this is just a guess. We can’t know for sure until Nyx tells us herself. It’s like a big mystery! Cool, right?

Nyx Baltimore Legacy and Impact

Nyx has made her mark in the adult film world, standing out despite being petite. She inspires others to chase dreams, no matter the obstacles. Also, Nyx’s bold career moves show us that it’s okay to choose paths less traveled. 

She also plans to use her fame for good causes, setting an example for others in her industry. She leaves a legacy of courage and resilience through her work and actions.

Nyx Baltimore Future Plains

Nyx Baltimore always looks ahead. She believes in dreaming big and working hard to achieve her goals. Also, She plans to keep entertaining her fans with her work and maybe even start her own business one day.

 Nyx also hopes to use her popularity to help others by supporting causes close to her heart. Also, While her future is always changing, one thing is sure – Nyx is not one to shy away from new challenges! Let’s watch her journey as she moves towards her exciting plans.


  • Nyx is just like you and me. She loves to have fun in her free time. Here’s what she loves to do: 
  •  **Cooking**: Nyx is a whiz in the kitchen. She loves making yummy meals. Just imagine the smell of a delicious pizza baking! 
  •  **Reading**: Nyx loves a good book like a true superhero. Books can take you to magical places! 
  • **Gardening**: Nyx enjoys growing beautiful flowers. It’s like creating a rainbow in her backyard! 
  • **Dancing**: Like how you might love to dance, so does Nyx. 
  • She loves to move to the beat and let loose! Remember, hobbies make you special, just like they do for Nyx!

Interesting Facts About Nyx Baltimore

  • Also, Did you know that Nyx’s favorite color is purple? Just like a royal queen! – Nyx’s favorite food is pizza. Yummy! 
  • She also loves animals and has a pet cat named Fluffy. 
  • Also, Despite being famous, Nyx is scared of spiders. Eek! 
  • Just like how you might like cartoons, Nyx loves watching anime. 
  • Also, Her favorite holiday is Halloween. Spooky! 
  •  She also loves to travel and explore new places. Adventure time!


You might have some questions about Nyx. Let’s see if we can answer them! 

How old is she? 

: Nyx was born on March 1, 1996, and is 27. 

 What does she do for a living?

 Nyx is a model and an actress in adult films. 

 Where was she born? 

She was born in Baltimore, Maryland. 

 Is she tall? 

No, Nyx is quite petite! She stands at 5 feet tall.

 Remember, if you have more questions, it’s always best to do your research, too!


In our journey through Nyx life, we’ve learned about her early days, entry into the adult entertainment industry, and growing popularity. Also, She has built a unique career and continues to inspire many with her work. 

Also, Everyone has a path to success; Nyx’s journey is just one example. Whether you’re interested in her career or just her as a person, Nyx is an interesting character to explore.